You can’t govern a country with a thirst for revenge, says a leading Brazil newspaper about Lula

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An editorial in the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo (‘Estadão’), the third largest newspaper in Brazil,  published this Tuesday (Feb. 21), stated that President Lula “governs with his liver.”

In the text, the publication criticizes a resolution of the legend “riddled with resentment and lies” that, among other topics, classifies Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment as a “coup”.

“Whoever reads that document comes away with the clear impression that Brazil has a practically unpayable debt with the PTists, especially with Mrs. Dilma Rousseff and President Lula da Silva,” the editorial says.

, You can’t govern a country with a thirst for revenge, says a leading Brazil newspaper about Lula
The newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo published this Tuesday (21) stated that President Lula “governs with his liver” (Photo internet reproduction)

“The only goal seems to be to rewrite the country’s recent history to wash the militancy’s soul after a series of political and judicial setbacks suffered.”

Further on, Estadão notes that the president lives in a “parallel universe” by sustaining the thesis that before the process of ousting Rousseff, Brazil was experiencing social peace and economic prosperity.

“The party, in this mendacious view of history, would have been the victim of ‘false accusations’ of corruption at the time of the mensalão and petrolão scandals,” the newspaper exemplified in the editorial.

“Fanatical PT partisans would never accept the fact, otherwise undeniable, that Rousseff’s impeachment was conducted strictly according to the Constitution – except when, in its outcome, Rousseff’s political rights were preserved instead of terminated, in a typical stunt of those weird times,” Estadão noted.

“The faithful of the ‘LulaPTist’ sect is equally offended when the countless crimes of passive corruption, criminal organization, and money laundering committed by the clique are demonstrated.”

Finally, Estadão says that Lula da Silva’s “resentments and the thirst for revenge that seems to animate the PT leadership are genuine or nothing more than tactics to keep the militancy mobilized despite certain unpopular decisions that the government will soon have to take, it matters little.”

“The fact is that this is not the way to govern a country,” the newspaper said while advocating a rapprochement of Lula with the “broad front” that elected him.

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