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What is newsworthy about ivermectin? A simple Google search of most drugs describes the uses and side effects of the searched medication. However, a similar search for ivermectin provides headlines for why it should not be taken for Covid-19 and how dangerous it is.

The Guardian describes ivermectin as a horse drug and reminds readers, considering taking medicine, and echoing a post by the FDA, “You’re not a horse. You’re not a cow,” saying it is a drug intended for farm animals. The FDA echoed that sentiment in a recent tweet.

The BBC writes: “Ivermectin: How fake science created a covid’ miracle drug,” while the Washington Post explains: “What is ivermectin, and how did people get the idea it could treat Covid?”

The Business Insider aims at the largest Latin American country: “Brazil’s tragic ivermectin frenzy is a warning for the U.S., experts say”.

CNN affirms:” ‘Comprehensive mess’: CNN examines dubious story on deworming drug”, and the British Daily Mail writes this: “Ivermectin should NOT be given to NHS Covid patients because it makes ‘no difference’ to their illness and may even make them worse, new guidance says”.

With so many mighty media giants taking a dismissive and sometimes even aggressive stance against this medication, we at The Rio Times thought that some Ivermectin history couldn’t hurt and would maybe provide a different perspective. Watch the video above.

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