The real pandemic deniers were the ones who denied treatment

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By Alexandre Garcia

The Supreme Court already has more than a majority to deny a request by the Association of Victims and Family Members of Victims of Covid-19 to prosecute former president Jair Bolsonaro for delaying, frustrating, and sabotaging the fight against the pandemic.

Justice Luís Roberto Barroso, the rapporteur, denied it and has already been accompanied by eight other Justices.

So this is a finished matter, just not.

, The real pandemic deniers were the ones who denied treatment
Former President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro (Photo internet reproduction)

Victims’ families alleged that the MP had been inert when investigating Bolsonaro’s conduct in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

I recommend the association review its concepts because time has passed, and the truth has prevailed.

I think that maybe Bolsonaro was wrong in the purchase of the vaccine.

Now data has appeared about masks, treatment, and isolation, the victims’ relatives have to charge those who prevented their loved ones from being treated, those who did a wrong thing.

We even understand that there was some despair in the first months, but then the truth came out, even though the deniers kept denying effective treatment.

Today you already know who to blame.


A friend, General Rocha Paiva, from an institute that researches Brazilian issues, has been in Boa Vista, São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Tabatinga, Benjamin Constant; he has traveled all over the region and found that more Venezuelans are arriving, fleeing that regime, and Operation Welcome is receiving them.

But look at what he writes:

“However, I was surprised by the Yanomami’s attitude. Did you know they are throwing away the food they received with so much effort? The media does not show it, but it is unfortunate.”

This reminds me of my days as a war correspondent in Angola when the government in Luanda would send things that the people refused.

If they sent canned fish, they thought, “my God in heaven, are you saying I’m incompetent to fish?” If they sent toilet paper, they took it as a personal offense, “they’re thinking I don’t have hygiene.”

In the same way, the general says that the Yanomami do not use a pot for cooking rice and beans.

They were sent these foods, but this is not what they live on; they eat mainly manioc, I think bananas, hunting, and fishing.

General Rocha Paiva says the media doesn’t show it, but it’s regrettable.


We have new data from the National Agency for Waterway Transport referring to January of this year: a drop of 2.7% in the movement in Brazilian ports.

The international navigation of long courses fell by 3.5% and cabotage by 2.4%.

They explain that it was because the export of iron ore fell 11%, but this drop was compensated, get this, by the agro: corn, 128% more movement; sugar, 32% more; wheat, 20% more.

All of this is a warning to the government at this time when the price of oil has plummeted, with stock markets falling everywhere after Silicon Valley Bank went bust and Signature Bank closed on a Sunday!

The shares of the major banks worldwide are plummeting, which affects, they say, Brazilian startups that would have US$10 million, or R$50 million, there.

We need to be aware of the economic facts here, and the government must stop fighting with the agro, which is our locomotive; it has to support the industry and entrepreneurs.

If it does not promote legal security, the government will be being masochistic.

With information from Gazeta do Povo

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