Scotland’s far-left radical first minister resigns after failing to push through a Trans Law

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After 8 years without being able to push for a new independence referendum and after failing to negotiate with London to pass a gender reassignment bill, Nicola Sturgeon announced her retirement from politics.

The leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), Nicola Sturgeon, announced Wednesday that she would resign after 8 years as the head of the Scottish government.

Sturgeon said she knows that “now is the time to retire” and added that it is “right for me, my party, and the country.”

, Scotland’s far-left radical first minister resigns after failing to push through a Trans Law
Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, has announced her resignation (Photo internet reproduction)

Despite her party’s name that could have a conservative connotation, Nicola Sturgeon is one of the most left-wing politicians in the United Kingdom and the entire European continent.

In her long tenure, she tried to promote the 2030 agenda fully, completely opening the borders to Muslim refugees, pushing gender laws, wealth taxes, and strong regulations against climate change.

On multiple occasions, she used the resistance of the London-based British government, dominated by Conservatives throughout her tenure, to justify her intentions to promote a new vote for Scottish independence.

Sturgeon came to power in 2014, shortly after the ALP failed to achieve Scottish independence in the September 18, 2014 referendum.

The pro-independence leader promised she would get another vote in her first 4 years, but after 8 years, she is not one step closer to doing so.

In fact, Scotland is further away from independence than ever.

After the UK’s Brexit exit from the European Union was finalized, Scottish independence sentiment should have risen, as it would consolidate British dominance by cutting off the influence of continental Europe.

But the polls mark a completely different situation: in 2014, the “Yes” lost by 9 points of difference, but today it would lose by more than 12, according to the latest poll by Micheael Ashcroft’s consultancy.

Despite everything, the straw that broke the camel’s back was the failure of the Trans Bill, personally sent by Nicola Sturgeon.

The bill would allow Scots to change their legal gender without a medical diagnosis and with a simple online procedure.

This would enable men to participate in any female activity, including going to women’s locker rooms and competing in women’s leagues, just by doing that simple procedure.

While the SNP passed the bill in the Scottish Parliament, it failed in the UK government and was blocked by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on January 17.

Sturgeon called the intervention “a full frontal attack on our democratically elected Scottish Parliament and its ability to make its own decisions on devolved matters” in a Twitter post on Monday but was widely criticized in Scotland for once again failing to promote its agenda as part of the UK.

Clearly, the Scottish population currently prefers its government to promote negotiations that get results with London rather than maintain violent rhetoric against the UK that is not leading to any legislative progress.

Scotland continues to gain chips as one of Europe’s most progressive and delusional countries.

In January, Edinburgh, the capital of the British countryside, announced the decision to ban meat in state facilities, including government offices, public schools, public hospitals, and nursing homes.

In this way, the city adopted the “plant-based pact”, which prevents signatories from promoting meat consumption and allows companies that introduce it to implement 100% vegan menus.

Last year, the pact began to be adopted by governments.

, Scotland’s far-left radical first minister resigns after failing to push through a Trans Law
Edinburg announced the decision to ban meat in state facilities (Photo internet reproduction)

There are 20 that have already done so, including Los Angeles in the United States and Haywards Heath council in West Sussex, but now Edinburgh has become the first major city in Europe to do so.

The decision came just days before Burns Night, a festival held annually in Scotland around January 25 that commemorates the life of the bard (poet) Robert Burns, born on January 25, 1759.

The centerpiece of this celebration is haggis, a dish usually cooked with a sheep’s liver, lungs, heart, and stomach.

Because of this, for the first time in centuries, haggis was not served in public institutions last Wednesday, January 25.

The Edinburgh city government, run by the left-wing Scottish Liberal Democrats, justified the decision to “promote veganism” and to “reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.”

“Overall, the science is clear: meat and dairy consumption must decrease to meet climate targets,” the city council said.

The public widely repudiated the decision.

The Scottish Countryside Alliance condemned the action as “anti-farming” and warned that this is a first step in the government’s “final plan” to close slaughterhouses in the Edinburgh region.

Director Jake Swindells of the alliance charged that the government was “sharing false information about livestock farming” and that this will lead to sharp falls in sales.

“In the long term, this will heavily damage Edinburgh slaughterers. Many businesses will close, jobs will be lost, and meat prices will go up for those who want to buy it,” he said.

Police Scotland’s chief constable is under fire for referring pedophiles by his preferred term, “minor-attracted persons” (MAP), in a linked year-end report.

In his year-end report for 2021/22, Police Scotland’s Chief Constable Iain Livingstone proudly said that the Specialized Crime Division for Public Protection had joined “Project Horizon Europe,” a European Union initiative to make law enforcement more “inclusive.”

, Scotland’s far-left radical first minister resigns after failing to push through a Trans Law
Scotland’s Police (Photo internet reproduction)

Commissioner Livingstone states this includes “developing the understanding and approach to prevent the victimization of children, engaging minor-attracted persons (MAPs), and providing them with the necessary support, treatment, and guidance to help prevent criminal activity.”

The report clarifies that officers have been asked to use “minor-attracted persons” or “MAPs” to refer to pedophiles, an inclusive phrase intended not to offend people who sexually assault defenseless children who cannot consent.

“Most Scots will find any attempt to soften the language on pedophilia in the official guidance deeply disturbing and incorrect,” a spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives said, commenting to The Telegraph.

Independent social work consultant Maggie Mellon further warned that adopting pedophile-inclusive language risked “normalizing and therefore perhaps decriminalizing in the eyes of society the assault of minors.”

Scotland’s Police and judiciary have a chequered history concerning being soft on child abusers.

One notable case in 2019 was when a judge granted pedophile Christopher Daniel a so-called absolute acquittal after being convicted of abusing a girl as young as 6.

The Police report is aligned with that of the Scottish government, led by the Scottish National Party (SNP), a left-wing formation similar to the US Democratic Party but with a strong separatist bias.

In recent years, the SNP has launched a strong campaign to deepen the LGBT agenda in Scotland, and strangely they have introduced within this agenda the interests of pedophiles.

Incredibly, there are groups in Scotland and around the world calling for them to be called “minor-attracted persons” and for there to be no child sex offender registers, and the Nationalist government supports these points.

Unfortunately, many conservatives end up voting for this formation in local elections because it is the one that most strongly defends the desire for separatism from the United Kingdom, but Scottish society is far from supporting these far-left progressive measures.

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