Russia’s special military operation 1 year on – how the US started this war and where it is heading

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By Brian Berletic*

As Russia’s special military operation reaches the one-year mark, we wonder what is happening now and what will happen next.

Equally important is what started this conflict. NATO has repeatedly attacked and destroyed allies of Russia around the globe throughout the 21st century.

NATO has also constantly encroached eastward toward Russia’s borders.

(Video Brian Berletic, The New Atlas)

The Western media admits that the US has repeatedly overthrown nations along Russia’s borders and installed client regimes in their place.

The Western media also admits that these nations pose a threat to Russia, including Georgia, which in 2008 attacked Russian forces.

Ukraine, from 2014 onward, was a repeat of US meddling in Georgia that left Russia with only one choice, not if the conflict would come but when it would be fought.

At a time convenient for NATO or for Russia?

The US is pursuing a similar encroachment, encirclement, and proxy war with China giving Beijing every reason to support Russia in its current operations in Ukraine.

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