Opinion: Tucker Carlson releases video exposing Jan. 6 riot on Capital Hill as a hoax

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By Carlos Esteban

(Opinion) Tucker Carlson, Januar 6 insurrection, Capitol Hill hoax, narrative on Caital Hill insurrection, At this point, it should surprise no one that everything we learned about the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, is untrue.

They are still fooling us with climate change dogma, spent more than two years fooling us with the coronavirus pandemic, and fooled us with the Nord Stream 2 bombing.

Why shouldn’t they do so with that celebrated occasion, which has already provisionally gone down in history as the most severe attack on US democracy in its history?

The canonical version goes like this: Donald Trump, unable to accept that the American people have rejected him at the polls, convinces his fanatical supporters that they have been robbed of the election and summons them to the Capitol in Washington on the day the results are to be certified.

The Trumpists turn out in an armed horde that assaults the hallowed seats of popular sovereignty in a violent coup attempt, during which the masses kill five heroic police officers.

That is the official version, the Wikipedia version, not only universally accepted and repeated ad nauseam by media and politicians but used as an excuse by the Biden Administration to launch a persecution of dissent, unprecedented in the country’s history still ongoing.

They have even set up a “January 6 Committee”, a supposedly bipartisan “revolutionary tribunal” with Democratic and two “Republican” members of Congress.

And it’s a nice story.

Only it’s not true; it’s a fable through and through, as Fox star Tucker Carlson, who has 40,000 hours of security camera footage from that fateful day, has just demonstrated.

To begin with, the most dramatic, the demonstrators (that’s what they were, not “insurgents”) did not kill anyone.

They did, however, have one fatality at the hands of a Capitol Hill agent, Ahsli Babbit, whose point-blank murder has yet to be clarified.

This has not prevented the press, various political leaders, and Biden from repeatedly referring to the “murdered agents”.

The same is true for the New York Times, faithfully repeated by all the world’s newspapers and news programs, from inventing the bizarre story of the murder of agent Brian Sicknic, whose skull was allegedly crushed with a fire extinguisher by an insurgent.

In the video, Sicknic can be seen hours after his alleged murder, full of life and vigor. The newspaper quietly retracted the story days after it broke, but the story had already taken on a life of its own.

Overall, the scene painted by the security cameras is about as different from the original version as you could wish for.

Police are seen, for example, opening the gates to the demonstrators and even escorting their ringleaders, who advanced through the officers with strange politeness for violent coup plotters.

In particular, one can see the man who was to become the icon of the assault, the “buffalo man”, Jacon Chansley, walking calmly with several officers who at no time made any gesture to stop him, despite being armed, unlike Chansley, who even addressed them to thank them for their attitude.

Former President Trump has reacted enthusiastically to this Fox report, which completely exonerates him of the veiled accusation of all these years of having incited a violent insurrection against American democracy.

Trump called Carlson’s program one of the most significant “firsts” in US history and demanded the release of the January 6 protesters who remain imprisoned without trial.

“The Committee was a giant scam, and now they have been unequivocally confirmed as CRIMINAL FALSIFIERS OF THAT IMPORTANT DAY,” Trump posted on his Truth Social account. “[Former House Speaker] Pelosi & [‘Republican’ Senator McConnell] failed to provide Security. ‘Trump’ & most of the others are innocent; FREE THEM NOW!”.

“Already a completely new and opposite picture is indelibly imposed. The Committee lied and must be prosecuted for its actions. Nancy and Mitch were a disaster in Security.”

“Thank you, Kevin and Tucker. FREE AT LAST!!!” Trump concludes.

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