Leftist President of Colombia proposes generous deal with narco-traffickers

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By Diógenes Freire

Lula’s ex-guerrilla friend and Colombian President Gustavo Petro has proposed a generous deal with narco-traffickers to avoid harsh justice punishments.

Petro’s idea is to offer benefits – such as reduced sentences and permission for the accused to keep part of their fortune – in exchange for the criminals’ promise to give up their command of narco-trafficking.

Petro, historically linked to narco-trafficking and a Forum of São Paulo member, assured that “there will be a reduction of sentences, but not impunity, or amnesties.”

Gustavo Petro. (Photo internet reproduction)
Gustavo Petro. (Photo internet reproduction)

According to the Minister of Justice, Néstor Osuna, responsible for presenting the bill last Wednesday (Feb. 15), criminals will be able to receive a lighter sentence of six to eight years in prison, regardless of the crimes they have committed.

To qualify for the benefit, drug traffickers must confess their crimes, hand in their weapons, reveal information about the mafia, and make some “reparation” to the victims.

Criminals participating in the program will be detained in unique pavilions and monitored for up to four years by the government.

The trafficker who accepts the “deal” will be able to keep 6% of his fortune acquired in drug trafficking.

The text will be sent to Congress and go through the Superior Council on Criminal Policy.


In September of last year, while speaking at the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), the former guerrilla of the terrorist group M-19 and president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, demanded an “end to the war on drugs.

According to the leftist, the fight against drugs is an “irrational” fight since, in his view, cocaine would be less dangerous than coal and oil.

In the same month, Petro named his friend and former guerrilla of the M-19, Alberto Casanova Guzmán, National Intelligence Director.

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