Honduras fully renews its Supreme Court

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The Congress of Honduras has appointed 15 justices to the country’s Supreme Court of Justice, following a month-long sequence of failed attempts to reach a settlement on the matter.

The court will now have six magistrates backed by President Xiomara Castro’s progressive Libre Party, down from the ruling coalition’s original proposal of nominating eight out of 15 members. The agreement also gave five seats to the opposition National Party (down from a controlling stake of eight) and four to the Liberal Party.

The court will also have a female majority, with eight women and seven men serving as justices, as well as the unprecedented appointment of an Afro-Caribbean indigenous Garifuna member to one of its seats, representing the third-largest ethnic minority in Honduras.

The new members will serve until 2030. President Castro congratulated lawmakers for electing a “multiparty and multicultural” new court “with a vision of gender and transparency.” Rebeca Raquel Obando was appointed as the new chief justice.

The latest events were celebrated by the U.S., with ambassador Laura Dogu speaking on Friday from capital Tegucigalpa. “We recognize the historical significance of the selection of the first Garífuna representative at the Court and the selection of a majority of women. We hope to work with this new Court to benefit the Honduran people,” Ms. Dogu said.

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