Fentanyl: a tool to dynamite the US society

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When countries are powerfully united by fundamental aspects of their history, culture, and economy, when millions of families live on both sides of the border, as is the case of Mexico and the United States, it is very difficult to think separately to make decisions that affect both nations.

Forty million Mexicans live in the United States today.

There is also a legal framework in place: the T-MEC, the free trade agreement between the two countries (and Canada), and the document containing special clauses about security.

, Fentanyl: a tool to dynamite the US society
It is hard to believe that the raw materials to process fentanyl come from China (to Mexico) without the communist government noticing this and stopping it when it is a regime that controls everything and has a facial technology registry of its entire population (Photo internet reproduction)

The idea that the United States could support Mexico, with its agencies or even its army, to defeat common enemies, such as drug trafficking, is not new and has many precedents, including a recent and drastic one in the Trump administration (2016-2020).

According to Mark Esper – former Secretary of Defense – in a book titled “A Sacred Oath”, Trump, then US President, in mid-2020, proposed “launching missiles clandestinely into Mexico to destroy drug laboratories and end the cartels”.

But a year earlier, in November 2019, Trump had said that his administration had been working for 90 days to reclassify Mexican narcos as “terrorists,” which involves a complicated process.

This was in the wake of the murder of nine members of the Mormon LeBaron family of Mexican and US nationalities.

On November 4, 2019, three mothers and their babies or children were massacred in Sonora, in a strip where the Sinaloa Cartel and the group “La Linea” fight for control.

This family asked the White House to consider the cartels as terrorists.

In this context, a few days ago, an initiative emerged in the US Congress, promoted by several Republican legislators, such as Dan Crenshaw from Texas, and Michael Waltz, from Florida, which assumes the Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations.

This perception was intensified with the recent kidnapping in the northern border state of Tamaulipas of 4 US citizens (two of them were later released, and the other two were murdered) allegedly by one of the drug cartels operating there.

Dan Crenshaw addressed a message to the socialist president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), who, of course, shouted in defense of national “sovereignty” in the face of such an initiative, which he called “interferenceist”.

He asked him, “Why are you protecting the cartels?”

López Obrador took things further and threatened to organize a campaign against the Republican Party if its members insisted that the US government classify the cartels as “terrorists.”

“Stop defending your narco cronies and take action to prevent fentanyl trafficking. Calm down with your lies about a supposed ‘military invasion.’ We just want our military forces to work together. Or would you rather Mexico be conquered by the narcos?” tweeted Crenshaw on March 10.

Cocaine and methamphetamine trafficking from Mexico to the United States in recent years was bad enough.

Methamphetamine overdose deaths in the US tripled between 2015 and 2019, but then the production, trafficking, and consumption of a more serious substance, such as fentanyl, increased.

According to statistics offered by Dr. Enrique Cifuentes García -doctor in public health at The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and who works at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York-, in 2021, “107,622 people” died from overdoses in the United States, which means an increase of 15% compared to 2020.

But, warns the scientist, “by 2030, there could be an accumulation of two million” deaths from fentanyl.

At the same time, it is hard to believe that the raw materials to process fentanyl come from China (to Mexico) without the communist government noticing this and stopping it when it is a regime that controls everything to the maximum and that has a facial technology registry of its entire population.

This drives the idea that, as we have written, fentanyl is being used by the Xi Jinping government, in one way or another, as a geostrategic weapon to affect the US population, affect public health, and decimate people.

According to data from the US Department of Justice, there are currently at least 5 thousand places where fentanyl, alternative substances to the drug or the elements to produce it, the so-called precursors, are produced in China.

William Barr, former US Attorney General, warned that AMLO’s government had lost control of Mexico to drug trafficking.

“They have lost control of the country, in my opinion. They (narcos) have tens of billions of dollars. They can corrupt whoever they want, and they have armies dressed like the military and armored vehicles,” he told Fox News.

Barr also claimed to have traveled to Mexico to try to toughen AMLO’s stance on the narcos because the socialist president only believes in hugs, but everything remained the same.

The former prosecutor also pointed to the so-called “Culiacanazo”, an episode in which Mexican authorities had already arrested Ovidio Guzmán, son of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, and now imprisoned in the US, and then released him in the face of pressure from the criminal group.

“He summoned 700 paramilitaries with machine guns mounted on trucks to repel the forces of law and order,” he recalled.

In addition, just a few days ago, on March 8, the US Office of National Intelligence assessed that in some parts of Mexico, “criminal organizations use their economic power to influence election results, as well as intimidate politicians,” something it had not previously stated.

In another interview with Barr on Fox network, the former official considered that after the kidnapping and murder of his fellow citizens in Tamaulipas, drug cartels should be treated the same as ISIS “because they are terrorists”.

Ted Cruz, Republican Senator for Texas, said, “Biden is the best thing that has happened to the Mexican cartels”.

This is because he has turned the narcoterrorists into billionaires.

And he wields as an argument that in 2018, according to the New York Times, the Mexican cartels obtained US$500 million, which is a lot of money, but in 2022, they managed to obtain US$13 billion.

That is, 2600% more.

Half of that money is made by the cartels in human trafficking and the other half in drug trafficking.

So therefore, if AMLO undertakes a smear campaign against the Republican Party, he will be helping Biden with malice aforethought and advantage in his possible reelection and the Democratic Party in general, with which, indirectly, the narcoterrorists will continue to benefit.

But also, of course, the Chinese regime, which has Mexico as an outsourced war scenario against the United States, is seeking to consolidate itself as a new military, economic and cultural hegemony and is indirectly using the Mexican narcoterrorists and fentanyl to drive the country of the brave and the brave into the ground.

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