Explosion of excess deaths in heavily vaccinated European countries; Romania and Bulgaria buck the trend

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By Claudia Marcu

Eurostat has published excess mortality rates for December 2022. The European average is plus 19%, with Romania and Bulgaria being the only countries where this parameter has decreased.

The report is based on an average mortality rate for 2016-2019, i.e., before the pandemic. The data published by Eurostat have shocked the entire scientific world.

Excess mortality measures the increase in deaths during a period and in a particular group, compared to the expected value or statistical trend during a reference period or in a reference population.

At the end of the pandemic, when there were almost no more covid deaths, the most vaccinated countries recorded shocking excess mortality rates in December 2022 compared to the normal 2016-2019.

, Explosion of excess deaths in heavily vaccinated European countries; Romania and Bulgaria buck the trend

The highest excess mortality rates were recorded in Iceland at 43.1% and Germany at 37.3%.

Compared to the European average of 19% in December 2022, which is still huge, Austria had excess mortality of plus 27.4%, Ireland 25.4%, France 24.5%, Slovenia 25.9%, Czech Republic 23.2%, Switzerland 22.9%, Netherlands 22.7%, Estonia 22.6%, Denmark 22.4%, Norway 21%, Finland 21.1%, Latvia 20.6%, and Belgium 19.1%.

In Germany, 78% of the population is vaccinated with 3 and 4 doses; in Iceland, 80% is immunized with two doses, and 69% is vaccinated with 3 and 4 doses.

Romania and Bulgaria were at the opposite pole of excess mortality in December 2022, minus 5.5% and 6%, respectively.

They are the only two EU/EEA countries with the lowest vaccination coverage.

Officially, 30% of the population in Bulgaria is vaccinated against covid, and 42% in Romania.

Considering the near-negative excess mortality rates between the two countries and the fictitious vaccinations in Bulgaria, the actual percentage of vaccinated people in Romania is likely no more than 25%.

After the publication of the shocking data by Eurostat, German doctors called for an investigation into the causes of the excess deaths, stressing that Covid did not cause them.

(Tucker Carlson and former Executive Of Blackrock Edward Dowd: Excess Deaths In The West Are A National Security Concern)


Things are even worse than that. Germany had excess mortality of plus 46% in the last week of December last year.

Eurostat data clearly showed a correlation between the percentage of Covid vaccination and excess mortality.

“The higher the vaccination coverage, the higher the excess mortality.

Curiously, Italy and Sweden did not report data to Eurostat and did not do so between August and September 2022.

Portugal reported an additional 14.8% excess mortality in December 2022 but had over 40% in the summer because it vaccinated its population earlier than the other countries.

The UK tried to skew the excess mortality percentage by using 2016-2019 and 2021 as the reporting base.

So they took the year with the highest mortality, 2021, as the baseline because both Covid and the vaccine caused the deaths.

Then they significantly reduced the excess mortality by December 2022.

But even then, they still had 7% more deaths,” civil rights activist Aurelian Popa told us.


Official data show that in 2021, 4.5 billion people worldwide received one dose of the Covid vaccine, 3.8 billion received two doses, and 537 million received three doses.

However, compared to 2020, when the vaccine did not exist, the most Covid deaths were reported in 2021.

(Germany, whose government behaved so authoritarian during the Covid events that one doubted the country’s understanding of democracy, is now paying the bill with the highest excess mortality rate ever.)

Thus, if there were 1.9 million Covid deaths in 2020, there would be 3.4 million in 2022.

This is perhaps the most telling evidence that the vaccine did not work in any way and did not protect anyone but caused mortality to increase tremendously.

By 2022, only 1 billion people had received another dose of the Covid vaccine, less than 1 billion had two doses, and 2.3 billion had welcomed their third and fourth doses.

In 2022, only 1.1 million Covid deaths were reported, but with a high excess mortality rate.

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