Ecuador’s Cotopaxi volcano emits an ash cloud of about 2,400 meters

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The Cotopaxi volcano, located in the Ecuadorian province of the same name in the north of the country, recorded a column of ash 2,400 meters high above the level of the crater, according to the report of the Geophysical Institute.

“The emission has a maximum height of 2.4 km above the summit and is directed mainly to the southeast of the volcano, where there are no populations,” the entity said.

Cotopaxi, at 5,897 meters high and located about 45 kilometers southeast of Quito, is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world due to its activity and impact area.

In October 2022, Ecuador’s National Risk and Emergency Management Service (SNGRE) decreed a yellow alert for the area of influence of the Cotopaxi volcano due to eruptive activity.

The measure allows updating evacuation plans in case of an event and the realization of prevention drills with the population of the area of influence of the crater.

In Ecuador, two other volcanoes present eruptive activity, Sangay, located in the province of Morona Santiago (center-south), under a yellow alert, and El Reventador, in Napo (north), with an orange alert.


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