Argentina experiences 2nd week of extreme heat, with 100,000 homes suffering power cuts

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Argentina’s central and northern areas continue to be subjected to an intense heat wave, extending for the second week in a row, with temperatures above 38°C, thermal sensations exceeding 40°, and power cuts affecting more than 100,000 homes.

The city of Buenos Aires, which broke historical records dating back to 1906 on March 2 and 11, with temperatures of 38°C and 38.6°C respectively, recorded on Monday (13) 36°C and a thermal sensation of 39.2°C, according to the National Meteorological Service (SMN).

Added to this problem are the constant power outages.

, Argentina experiences 2nd week of extreme heat, with 100,000 homes suffering power cuts
Children cool off in Buenos Aires: increased consumption has led to a collapse in the electrical system, and more than 100,000 homes have suffered power cuts in the region (Photo internet reproduction)

In the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) alone, consumption has collapsed the electrical system, with a total of 101,627 homes affected, according to data from the Electricity Regulatory Entity (Enre).

The provinces of Santa Fe and Santiago del Estero continue to record the highest temperatures in the country’s central area, with 37°C, followed closely by Entre Ríos, with 36°C, and Córdoba, with 35°C.

In the north, temperatures are similar, and Formosa is the hottest province, followed by Salta, Chaco, Corrientes, and Misiones, with temperatures ranging from 37°C to 32°C.

In a statement, the SMN indicated that the heat wave that has been experienced since February 28 is due to the presence of an atmospheric blockade and a constant mass of warm air coming from the north by a high-pressure system in the southern Atlantic Ocean, although they are late for this time of year.

“In the coming days, we expect the entry of moisture and the return of rains to several provinces of the country, which will approach more normal levels for the season after the extreme heat,” the SMN added.

The forecast points to a high probability of rain for central and northern areas of the country between Tuesday and Thursday, which promises to ease the weather conditions for the rest of the week.

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