A data breach as big as they come

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Andrade Gutierrez, a major Brazilian construction conglomerate operating in 11 countries, has suffered a massive data breach. And we have all the details.

Of the 20 biggest economies in the world, Brazil is making some of the slowest and most uneven progress toward creating a solid cyber defense environment. That’s according to findings from the MIT Technology Review’s Cyber Defense Index. Brazil ranks 18th overall. Only Turkey and Indonesia fare worse. 

The country ranked 16th in cybersecurity resources, 17th in critical infrastructure, 18th in organizational capacity, and 19th in policy commitment. And this week, The Brazilian Report revealed an incident that perfectly illustrates such a lack of commitment to data privacy. 

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  • Amanda Audi is a journalist specializing in politics and human rights. She is the former executive director of Congresso em Foco and has been with The Brazilian Report since August 2021. Her piece on the rise of the hunger crisis in Brazil was shortlisted for the True Story Award as one of the 94 best articles written in 2022.

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